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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject Re: XMLForm Xindice howto at Wiki refactored and ready
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 04:20:53 GMT

> I see, but let me explain it.
> I should not use "//", that's ok, but I think "/@id" for example is not
> enough.
> If I'm right, using "/" gives the Document Root but not the Root Element
> I can't access from there the id attribute. Also, making it that way I get
> the exception at the end of this message, which seems to confirm my
> So, what I think it could be a good solution is to use '/Artist/@id' and
> 'Artist/Name'. What do you think? Am I wrong?

I think you are correct.
The point is to identify the exact xpath to the @id attribute.

> > This will allow benefiting from the InputModules to access xml files
> > different sources: file system, xindice, remote URL, etc.
> >  <map:parameter name="xmlform-model" value="artist/artist-model.xml"/>
> >
> > If you think this makes sense, please consider submitting a patch to
> > effect.
> I like very much this approach. Unfortunately I do not think I'm expert
> enough to accomplish this yet and I do not want to touch things that are
> working. I'm afraid I could make some mistakes.
> I also should learn more about Input Modules, I still haven't used them at
> all.
> Anyway, if nobody's doing it, I should try it sooner or would
> a good addition.

If you get it started, I can review the changes and we should be able to
wrap it up in a few iterations.


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