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From "leona s" <>
Subject Xindice in Cocoon
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 02:03:17 GMT
Hi All,

I have a Cocoon application using several XML files that
I would like to put into Xindice. I asked on the XSL list about
calling Xindice directly from XSL statements, but that doesn't
appear to be possible.

I know that people have made Cocoon and Xindice work
together, but all the examples I have seen (cocooncenter,org,
cocoonwiki) may be using older versions of Cocoon, because the
changes to the sitemap don't reflect the version of the sitemap I have.
I am using C 2.0.4/Tomcat 4.1.12/JDK 1.3.1/WinXP Pro.

As a simple example, I have:

      <map:match pattern="gs">
        <map:generate src="gs.xml"/>
        <map:transform src="gs.xsl"/>
        <map:transform src="html.xsl"/>
        <map:serialize type="html"/>

gs.xml contains some basic application XML, such as "page"s and "menu"s.
gs.xsl contains the "business rules" of the application, that cause
   data to be displayed, depending on the current user, current page, etc.
  also may be other transforms following this one.
html.xsl transforms the XML data into HTML for output.

Currently, I read in my XML data in gs.xsl using the XSL document()
function, and
would like to be reading from Xindice instead.
Can anyone tell me how to call Xindice from this pipeline? I would like to
do something
like get "/db/project/project1001" and set it to a parameter to be passed
into gs.xsl.

Thanks very much for any help.
Leona Slepetis

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