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From "Rui Leal" <>
Subject Is FileGenerator doing URL encoding?
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 12:49:01 GMT
Hello !!

I'm using cocoon 2.0.4 to develop a prototype of a small webapp which has
Tamino XML Server as data repository.

Tamino allows me to pass a HTTP xquery (using x-machine) to the database..
like this


So .. with cocoon i'm doing a pipeline which passes a xquery to tamino ...
like this ..


and the pipeline is ..

<map:match pattern="db_*=*/**">
      <map:transform src="stylesheets/tamino-result.xslt"/>
      <map:serialize type="xml"/>

So until now everything is fine ... BUT imagine i want a query like this ..

http://localhost:8080/cocoon/db_xquery=col/input()/root[@id = 'something']

(NOTICE THE WHITESPACE between @id and = and 'something' ... i donĀ“t really
need the whitespace but imagine i DO need it ..)

Cocoon does not encode the URL on the FileGenerator ... so it passes an
not-encoded URL String to tamino, which tamino refuses because it isn't
encoded (it has whitespaces and not %20's)

Or is the problem with the Matcher not encoding the parameter ??

Is this reported somehere ?
Any help please ?

Thanks !

[--] Rui Pedro Leal
[--] ICQ: 318173

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