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From "Anna Afonchenko" <>
Subject Looking for advice
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 08:50:06 GMT
Hi all.
I need an advice.
I am using HTMLGenerator to tidy the html files that are requested.
Since JTidy sometimes messes up the original file (like with scripts inside tables - I posted
a message about it few weeks ago), I would want to preprocess the original html file
before passing it to the HTMLGenerator.
What I want to do is to deal with all the cases where JTidy gets confused.
For example, if script tag is used inside a table and is not embedded in tr/td, I want
to write some kind of regexp that will find such case and manually embed the script tag in
Since the input file is not valid XHTML, I probably need to do this using java.
Now this is my question:
is it possible to get the url of the file from the request (not valid XHTML!), do some changes
to it,
then pass it to the HTMLGenerator and then, as usual, apply some stylesheets etc.
I guess that if this is possible, I need to use actions or XSP. But from what I read about
XSP, I understood that it only works with valid XML documents, or is it? And Action just holds/returns
key-value pair, I couldn't find out if it can get a file, process and output it.

Is there a solution to my problem in Cocoon.
Please give me some advice, because I don't even know where to start.

Thank you very much for help.


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