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From "Richard Cunliffe" <>
Subject RE: Apache Tomcat/4.0.6 - HTTP Status 404
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 23:14:11 GMT

Thanks for your e-mail!

Yes its running locally at the moment on a hub.

I have managed to get it working, it was just simply that I had put the
xml, xsl and sitemap files in the wrong place.

And yes everything is slowly clicking into place. I have been working on
cocoon now for 4 days trying various versions to try and get it going.

Success has finally come! Now onto more advanced things.

Thanks to all that have helped so far!


-----Original Message-----
From: Geoff Howard [] 
Sent: 30 January 2003 23:15
Subject: RE: Apache Tomcat/4.0.6 - HTTP Status 404 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Richard Cunliffe []
> Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 12:58 PM
> To:
> Subject: RE: Apache Tomcat/4.0.6 - HTTP Status 404
> Geoff,
> When I say they are all working, I mean that they each show the own
> page, e.g or
> for tomcat.

Ok, good - what that tells me is that you've created a typical cocoon
install.  That'll be important below...

> What's not working:
> It's not finding soundpool.xml. What do you mean about my pipeline
> match:
> 	"It looks like you requested /soundpool/soundpool.xml but your
> pipeline is set up to match /soundpool/soundpool -- note also that a
> trailing slash here will also fail."

The following matcher element:
<map:match pattern="soundpool/soundpool">

is the only thing that matters when determining what requests will be
handled.  The fact that your resource is called soundpool.xml is
irrelevant in cocoon.  To the outside world, you have named it
soundpool/soundpool <cruciallyImportant> _relative_ to the cocoon
application base </cruciallyImportant> - which should be which means you need to be accessing the way you have it

> So I have put my xml and xsl file in directory called soundpool under
> webapps, so my directory structure looks like this:

Wrong place.  They should be inside the cocoon webapp folder (someone
wrote the same thing I think).  The only way this would not be the case
if you created a new webapp either by copying cocoon.war to
or something like it.

--> C:\tomcat\webapps\cocoon\soundpool\soundpool.xml
--> C:\tomcat\webapps\cocoon\soundpool\soundpool.xsl

> I assume that webapps is the correct folder.
> I also used mod_jk to link tomcat and Apache, although this shouldn't
> make any difference at this stage.

Well, you cut it out of the picture by going straight to port 8080.
This is
a good idea for now.  No sense debugging multiple things at once.

One more important question:

When you say
> I have put the following code in my sitemap under pipelines:
>   <!-- soundpool -->
>   <map:pipeline>
>       <map:match pattern="soundpool/soundpool">
>             <map:generate src="soundpool.xml"/>
>             <map:transform src="soundpool.xsl"/>
>             <map:serialize/>
>       </map:match>
>   </map:pipeline>

Which sitemap have you edited?  If it's
C:\tomcat\webapps\cocoon\sitemap.xmap, then everything above is valid.
it's C:\tomcat\webapps\soundpool\sitemap.xmap then you have either
successfully or unsuccessfully created a new webapp as I mentioned
and given that it's not working you can guess which one I've picked.

Almost none of this problem is specific to cocoon.  It seems that you
either unfamiliar with basic java webapps or cocoon has disoriented you.
the first one's the case, some general reading up on the basics would
probably make everything a lot clearer.  If the second (hope i didn't
you) just remember that much within cocoon is just a webapp.  The
unusual thing is that one servlet is configured to handle every request
the webapp's uri/url space.

If you need to get "cocoon" out of the url, you can handle that after
get this working.  There are several approaches that will work - in the
cocoon faq's/howto's, on the wiki (i think) and several in the mail list

At some point (probably soon) this is all going to click and make sense
you.  Just curious: do you have this on a public facing server?  I'm
sure the IP in your example is one assigned by windows connection


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Please check that your question  has not already been answered in the
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