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From Robert Sösemann <>
Subject generate correct SAX in custom generator
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 12:22:36 GMT
Dear listmembers,

I read about problem reading in XML fragment from db Clobs in cutom
generators in the mailing list.
I also read about using this InputXMLConsumer.
But I never found an example that I could modify form my problem. I found

Maybe someone could just send me a snippet of java code that extraxt an xml
fragment from a db clob and does all the parsing and SAX stuff.

That what I do in the moment:
                startSimpleElement("ABSTRACT", attr);

                            addXML(item.getText()); <<---------------




    protected void addXML(Reader xmlFragment) throws SAXException,
 try {
     org.apache.avalon.excalibur.xml.Parser parser = new
              InputSource is = new InputSource(xmlFragment);
     parser.parse(is, new IncludeXMLConsumer(super.xmlConsumer));
 } catch (Exception e) {

It produces a string which looks like XML but can not be handled by my xsls.

Any idea?


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