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From "Volker Schneider" <>
Subject RE: Parsing multipart form data
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 00:22:01 GMT
Hi Collin,

don't worry. I had the same problem with Cocoon 2.0.2. There is a bug in it.
Use a later version and it will work.

Best regards
- Volker -

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  From: Collin VanDyck []
  Sent: Montag, 20. Januar 2003 21:36
  Subject: Parsing multipart form data


  I'm trying to figure out the best way to parse multi-part form data.  I
have a page which submits to a certain URI which invokes an action.  This
action needs to parse the multi-part form data (in the request object I
believe) and then pass that data off to my j2ee backend for processing.

  My problem is that I do not see a way for me to create this
MultipartParser or what not.  The Cocoon request object does not as I
understand it, provide a way for me to get the necessary data to create this
parser (i.e. I need a HttpServletRequest), and since my editor does not
implement the servlet interface, it does not receive the Request object from
the servlet container as a parameter (i.e. doAction, etc).

  I feel like I am possibly barking up the wrong tree here.  Is the action
the appropriate place to do this?  Should I instead implement a matcher to
find this request object?


  Collin VanDyck
  AOL: djtcl
  Yahoo: webcollin

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