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From "Eduardo Zurita" <>
Subject Apache & Tomcat & Cocoon - Optimizing the directory structure /links/references
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 10:25:37 GMT
Hello again,

    I am testing my site. I have installed Apache to serve static content. I have some JSP
pages I use standalone or in generators in Cocoon. And I have of course, some translators.

    Well after some few tests, I see all is running OK. But, before continue developing the
site, I want discuss how to contruct the directory structure. My site can become a large one,
and I would like things are well done from beggining.

    I would like Apache does the work of serving static content, but in my XSL (cocoon) I
do references to, for example, "/images/button.gif". Of course, this doesn't work, because
the "/images" directory is under the Apache root directory, not Cocoon nor Tomcat root directory.
I have think about this and can create a common directory structure for the three (Apache,
Tomcat, Cocoon) or I configure some URIs in to match different file/directory
types. But, I think then I have to use complete URLs in all the pages to help Apache to do
his work correctly (to apply the configuration in

    I need some orientation or other people experiences about this.

    Sure there is a lot of people with same needs.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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