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From Livesh Naidoo <>
Subject SunRise Authentication Problem
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 07:40:51 GMT
Hi - I am fairly new to cocoon, and have been trying to get an example running using authentication
with the sitemap.  From some examples on the net, i have come up wiht the attached sitemap
- please excuse the untidyness of it - and possible silliness of errors - still new to everything.

Anyways - when I try calling up my protected resources which is the main.html URI - i get
an error comng up that the requested URI cannot be found.  I ahd tried running the URI without
being authenticated, and it seems to work fine, which leads me to believe that there could
be a problem with my sitemap file.

I could not understand why the sunRise-login action was being called up when I did not define
it in my sitemap.  should i define it?  what else do you see that could be possible errors
for my authentication not to function.  what are my other options?

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