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From "neil" <>
Subject Re: Excel needs filename?
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 00:36:10 GMT
Problem: IE not recognizing Excel data generated by cocoon as being an Excel spreadsheet.

1) This is due to a bug in, where the mime-type is hardcoded as ""
   (the correct mime-type for Excel is "application/"). Once this is fixed it
works fine
   with IE/Excel so the problem is not due to a bug in IE.

2) ignores any mime-type configured in the sitemap. This is reasonable
   because there is only one correct value so it may as well be hardcoded. Unfortunately the
   sitemap includes this mime-type configuration and this has misled many innocent folk into
   that they are using the correct mime-type when they are not.

ref to previous discussion on this:
Subject: Re: HSSFSerializer mime-type
Date:    2002-12-03

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