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From "Ines Robbers" <>
Subject Is this a case for Cocoon?
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 11:44:50 GMT

I am wondering whether Cocoon is the solution to my problem:

I am working for a university who wants me to redesign their homepage.
It has to be accessible to everyone (i.e. needs to conform to the Web
Accessibility Guidelines) and be dead easy in maintanance. 
The problems I have encountered so far are:
There will be many different people who will edit, update, maintain or
expand the pages. These people in most cases have never seen an html
code. In fact what they love to do is saving a word doc into html and
loading it onto the server. But all pages are supposed to be in valid
XHTML, controled by CSS.

Is this a case for Cocoon?

Could secretaries load up their word docs (and whatever else they get
into their hands) and the rest Cocoon does for them? I.e. generate XML
from Word and tranform it into valid, accessible XHTML code?

I would be grateful for your opinions!
Do you know of any university who is using Cocoon?


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