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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject RE: Including static images into SVG files
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 11:21:04 GMT
Thanks for this suggestion.
I think its a "toss up" as to where this info comes from or is stored.
I am not sure I prefer using the sitemap to do this as it:
(a) makes the sitemap more complex and
(b) means I have to maintain two different versions
   (development / production)
whereas a single "included" stylesheet is a relatively simple
Of course, everyone has their own taste and preferences!

>>> 02/12/2002 01:15:31 >>>
My approach is to pass the path from the sitemap to the XSL stylesheet
that produces 
the SVG as a parameter. The advantage of that is to keep all references
to filesystems 
in the sitemap, rather than in stylesheets. Also, make full use of
localhost where 

Hope this helps, Upayavira

> >Unfortunately this requires an absolute URL 
> >address - if I drop the http://myserver/ 
> >then it simply does not work - is there a 
> >Cocoon "substitute" (protocol?) I can use
> >to get the image processed correctly, *regardless* 
> >of what machine the app. is loaded on??

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