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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Including static images into SVG files
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 06:13:56 GMT
Ok, point taken and noted.  
I think I will have to maintain the server part of the  
address in a separate file and do an 'include' in 
the processing file - this way it should make the
maintainance easier (even if not intuitively obvious!)

>>> 01/12/2002 11:19:22 >>>
But AFAIK this is the only working solution. Both Batik and FOP only 
work with absolute paths.


Derek Hohls wrote:
> Unfortunately this is not a real solution:
> in the example I used 'myserver' - on my
> development machine this would be 'localhost:8080'
> whereas on the production machine it would be
> something '' ... I do not think that 'localhost' would
> work the same in both situations...  the same holds true for a file 
> path - the setup on the UNIX machine is
> *definitely* different from mine - ideally I 
> am looking for a Cocoon-related solution.
> Thanks
> Derek
>>>> 12/01/02 08:33 AM >>>
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Derek Hohls [] 
>>I need to include and display a static image 
>>(its a logo) on all the SVG images I produce;
>>the only syntax I have managed to get to work is:
> <svg:image xlink:href="http://myserver/path/logo.jpg />  
> (plus height, width)
>>Unfortunately this requires an absolute URL 
>>address - if I drop the http://myserver/ 
>>then it simply does not work - is there a 
>>Cocoon "substitute" (protocol?) I can use
>>to get the image processed correctly, *regardless* 
>>of what machine the app. is loaded on??
> Try "localhost" instead of "myserver". 
> You can also use a file url (so long as the path is absolute). 
> Cheers
> Con

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