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From Tony Collen>
Subject [RT] limiting access to a url by method
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 06:44:19 GMT
I've been thinking...  in a RESTful style architecture, one performs
"verbs" upon a certain URI, e.g. GET POST PUT or DELETE.  It seems to me
that Cocoon allows one to craft a REST-style application, and in fact it
lets one do it very easily.

However, I've noticed that Cocoon will respond to GETs or POSTs to
anything that it can match.  Does it make sense to deny requests to a
certain URI in a RESTful architecture?

When someone writes a servlet, they decide which methods to override;
doGet(), doPost(), and I believe doPut() and doDelete() are in there as
well, albeit a lot less likely to be used.  In essence, they are defining
what actions can be performed on the URI of the servlet.

What I'm getting at, is would it be at all useful to be able to limit the
things that Cocoon will respond to?  Perhaps something like an HttpMethod

Perhaps Cocoon already has this functionality and I just haven't run
across it yet :)

Time for bed.


Tony Collen --
College of Liberal Arts   University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, West Bank

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