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From (Steven Cummings)
Subject Blank screen on error
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 20:57:11 GMT
Hello all,

We've occasional seen the messages on this list about a blank screen that is returned when
there is some error in a pipeline or resource, and often times (but not quite always) this
is while running an XSP. So what I'd like to know is, why does the "handle-error" resource
not get invoked in these cases? The blank screen is useless for debugging and the logs don't
always say what's wrong. Is there some way to fix this or is is being worked on. 

Also, just as a side-question: Is there anybody else out there working with projects that
use Xindice, AXIS, and Cocoon together? I'm using a webservice built with AXIS and Xindice
(no I'm NOT using the xmldb pseudo-protocol in Cocoon) and invoking the service with the XSP
soap-logicsheet. I've spent MONTHS hunting down little bugs having to do with the integration
of these three and I was wondering what sort of mileage or lack thereof others were experiencing.


Steven Cummings
Columbia, MO
AIM:   cummingscs
ICQ:   3330114

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