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From Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject seeking for payed consultancy from the cocoon-comunity ...
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 09:24:06 GMT
Hy, folks;

This request is for cocoon-users and cocoon-developers only!
If i hit the wrong mailing list with my request, please
apologize and tell me, where to go next.

I will pay you for consultancy depending on the amount of time you
spend with the solution of my problem. The results of this work
shall be well documented and donated to cocoon, if it is of general
interest for the cocoon comunity. If you are interested, please
read on.

this is what i want to do:
i have built a webapp (legacyapp), that runs in production.
legacyapp is session based and uses cookies for several
purposes. legacyapp makes use of XML-technologies, but is NOT
built with cocoon.

Now i want to add another webapp (presentationapp), that shall
be used as the frontend presentation engine for the legacyapp.
The presentationapp shall add a whole lot of user centric
functionality, that can be completely separated from
the legacyapp. the presentationapp shall be based on cocoon.

The general idea is:
* add an XML-exchange layer on the legacyapp using additional
   JSP's or Servlets to be built for legacyapp. In fact most
   of this api is already existing.

* Enable Single-Sign-On on the servletcontainer to allow
   cross application sessions. Currently i use tomcat 4.1.12,
   soon switching to 4.1.16 and to websphere-4.0*

* Write a new presentationapp as a cocoonapplication, that
   manages the user interaction part "only". The presentationapp
   runs within the same container as the legacyapp, hence making
   it possible for both apps to run in the same session context.

My problem is:
I need to transparently call my legacyapp from the presentationapp
preserving the sessioncontext. The general sequence is as follows:

prerequisite: the user has requested a form for data input. the form
has been filled by the user. the user clicks on the submit button.

1.) the form is transfered to presentationapp.
2.) in presentationapp the data is preprocessed and prepared
     for the legacyapp.
3.) While preprocessing, the presentationapp may do some internal
     calls to legacyapp (cross application calls via http or https).
     This maybe can be done within cocoon-actions (i suppose) but
     it is crucial, that the current (cookie based) servlet-session
     is preserved within the call to legacyapp.
4.) Depending on the results of 3. the presentationapp aggregates
     data from the legacyapp (via http(s)-calls) and converts this
     data for presentation. Again it is crucial, that the aggregation
     preserves the session context!
5.) The result screen is sent back to the user for further

My questions are:
1.) How can i aggregate data from another webapp within the same
     servlet container and preserving the session context in the
     cocoon framework?
2.) What would be the best solution for the scenario described above?
     The main point is, that the legacyapp can be extended with an
     XML-interface, that utilises the existing functionality but it can
     not be extended with new/more functionality.
3.) What possible solutions are already available on the cocoon-side?
4.) What would i have to add by myself into cocoon?

In fact the legacyap itself is sort of a proxy application, that
preserves session context for it's own client calls to far servers.
Hence the whole technology of http tunneling is already ready at
hand, but i need to integrate this stuff somehow into the cocoon
framework, if it is not already existing there...

If you still are interested and can help me, then:

1.) send me an email containing your general price per hour.
2.) If this is possible from the infos above, tell me a rough
     assumption about the amount of time needed to create a
     cross webapp interface for cocoon.
3.) Tell me, if you simply want to assist me programming it myself,
     or are you interested in creating some code by yourself and
     giving me the results.

My favorite scenario would be: You write some sample code, well
document your approach and let the rest be done by me. The sample
code and the documentation shall be published within the cocoon docs
or the cocoon-wiki or any other convenient place.
If the solution to the cross webapp problem is of general interest,
also my work including my additional documentation shall be donated
to the cocoon-comunity.

If the solution to my problem is trivial, or already provided by
someone else and can be ready used by me, i will pay 50 Euro for
the first satisfying hint to the solution ...

best regards,

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