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From Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject aggregating content from another webapp in same session context
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 15:16:44 GMT

I want to retrieve a <map:part> across application boundaries.
I set up my tomcat server with SSO, so that i can share the
same session context over different webapps. Then i created
one "cocoon" webapp for presentation purposes and one "backend"
webapp for the business logic. Both webapps are under
authentification control of tomcat. i am logged in and both
webapps share the same sesion context. Now i want the cocoon
webapp to retrieve data from the "backend" webapp:

I tried to setup the cocoon sitemap as follows:

<map:match pattern="canvas">
   <map:aggregate element="page">
     <map:part element="profile"
     <map:part element = "canvas"
   <map:transform src="xsl/page.xsl"/>

my questions:

1.) With the first map:part i try to retrieve a source on the backend
     webapp, that runs in the same container, as the cocoon webapp.
     This setup results in a response code 500, although the requested
     page can be retrieved from a browser using the exact same URL.
     I did some experiments with context:// and http:// and so on,
     but i could not find a setup, that would show me the expected
     result of the jsp-page above (the jsp-page delivers xml-content).

2.) If the retrieval of the map:part would work, would the retrival
     use the same session context in which cocoon operates for this
     request, or would it open a new session context just for the
     part retrival ?

Did anyone encounter similar problems ?
I'd be glad to hear from your solution ...

regards, Hussayn

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