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From "Gabriele Domenichini" <>
Subject Cocoon-2.0.4 possible bug in Sql transformer
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 09:07:23 GMT
Cocoon-2.0.4 seems to repeat namespace declaration in the sql:rowset
element resulting from a sql transformation launching a stored procedure.

I have cocoon 2.0.3 and cocoon 2.0.4 side by side on the same machine.

I call an Oracle stored procedure with SQL transformer
With this code:
    <execute-query xmlns="">
        <query lang="1" isstoredprocedure="true">
      begin dbchem.scheda_xml('1',?,'30060','1',''); end;
        <out-parameter sql:nr="1" sql:name="resultset2"
And I obtain this
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sql:rowset xmlns:sql="">
        content of the out parameter

If I use the same invocation on cocoon 2.0.4
I get this error from the same browser (MSIE):

Duplicate attribute. Line 10, Position 52 

  <rowset xmlns=""
My system
- jre 
version 1.4.1 
java-vendor Sun Microsystems Inc. 

- operating-system 
name Windows 2000 
architecture x86 
version 5.0 
If you confirm I could compile a bug even if It would be my first.
  Gabriele Domenichini

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