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From "Anna Afonchenko" <>
Subject value-substitution in Cocoon
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:55:19 GMT
I have the following question:
I know that in Cocoon I can use value substitution inside a pipeline, e.g. if I have a pipeline
  <map:match pattern="*/*.html">
    <map:generate src="{2}.html"/>
    <map:transform src="some.xsl">
      <map:parameter name="param" value="{1}"/>

and if I write the URI http://localhost:8080/cocoon/param1/some.html

then in the pipeline the stylesheet some.xsl will receive a parameter with name param and
value param1. So this is my question:
Can I somehow parse/evaluate this parameter {1} inside the sitemap (not inside the xsl).
E.g., can I somehow, having {1}="param1" extract the last character ("1" in this case) and
send to the xsl only it, or, having parameter {1}=1, send {1}+1, i.e. 2 to the stylesheet?

I need this because I want to build pipeline that will get some parameter n, and after it
is executed I want to call the same pipeline with parameter n+1.
Is this possible in sitemap?

Thank you very much for help.


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