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From "sandhu@terra-firma" <>
Subject Reading session values - last char lost !
Date Sat, 21 Dec 2002 06:09:11 GMT
Hi all ,

We are using the authentication f/w for sessions and same works fine except
for wierd problem of Last char of retrieved value being cut off as below :

In one case , the foll values inserted into a <code> tag as :


For retrieving these session values in an action (since we use aggregate and
<xsp-session:getxml /> does not work in aggregated pipes)  we use

org.w3c.dom.node.getNodeValue() to put session values
into comma delimited string  :

the problem is one value retrieved is always cut off :

  jhn,bt,pkt   when it should :  jhn,btx,pkt

the LAST character of the SECOND VALUE IS ALWAYS LOST .

In another case of a single session value again the LAST CHARACTER is lost.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.



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