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From "Paolo Scaffardi" <>
Subject Interbase JDBC bugs when migrating to JDK 1.4
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:12:17 GMT
I have a linux web application based on Cocoon 2.0.3, tomcat 4.1.12, JDK
1.3, InterClient 2.0.1 and Firebird SuperServer 1.0. I need to migrate
to JDK 1.4 but i still have problems with InterClient because some
queries now throw this exception:
"interbase.interclient.InvalidOperationException: [interclient] Invalid
operation to read past end of cursor".
Thus, i replaced InterClient with Firebird JCA-JDBC class 4 Beta 1 and
everything seems work fine, but .... wait a moment: while inspecting
database tables with IBExpert (or some other tool) they differs from the
one accessed from my application. Note that queries are Cocoon-generated
by ESQL logicsheet in a XSP page, and they were working fine before. It
seems no commit is done (i left set it to autocommit into cocoon.xconf).
If i restart the application, the database is as the first time.
How can resolve my problem? Is it a InterClient related bug? Is it
FireBird related bug? Is it a Cocoon bug?
Paolo Scaffardi

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