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From "Christopher Painter-Wakefield" <>
Subject Re: XSP Logicsheet Questions...
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2002 21:16:47 GMT

FWIW, we are using relative file paths for our logicsheets, and this is
supposed to cause pages to be recompiled if we modify the logicsheet.  Be
warned, though, that it seems to be somewhat flaky; it often works as
expected, but sometimes not.  In those cases, you have to touch the main
XSP source file.  This can be extremely frustrating when you are wondering
why a bugfix you just put in doesn't seem to be working!!


An update -

In looking into the issue regarding changes to
logicsheets, I found the following reference:

So, logicsheets declared with resource: in
cocoon.xconf are not checked for updates, but other
protocols are (including no protocol).


--- Geoff Howard <> wrote:
> I've been hoping someone would answer your questions
> with authority - I've just started using logicsheets
> as well.  My best answers follow:
> --- Andy Lewis <> wrote:
> > First, it appears that a logicsheet must declared
> to
> > be used and that the only place to declare a
> > logic sheet is in the xconf file. Is this correct?
> Yes, although there is an undocumented "feature"
> available because of the TreeProcessor
> implementation
> which allows components defined in the
> map:components
> section of the sitemap the same as cocoon.xconf.
> What
> I don't know and haven't had the time to test is
> what
> happens with a case like logicsheets when there are
> some defined in cocoon.xconf and some defined in
> sitemap?  Give it a try and let us know.
> > Second, is the xconf file only reload at Cocoon
> > restart time, or are there other events that
> > trigger a reload as well?
> I think reload of the conf can also be triggered by
> sending an http request with the parameter
> cocoon-reload=true if you have not turned this
> option
> off in web.xml (or is it cocoon.xconf?)  While I
> have
> used this, I cannot recall if I carefully confirmed
> that the xconf file is actually re-read from disk
> correctly if modified.
> > Third, are changes to a logicsheet picked up and
> > used in a running Cocoon environment, or are they
> > only caught when the configuration is read?
> In my experience, changes to a logicsheet are not
> picked up by a running cocoon, and I'm not even sure
> they are re-read with cocoon-reload.  I have been
> cycling tomcat to get changes visible.
> > If
> > changes are picked up, are they a dependancy of
> the
> > pipeline, or are they only picked up when the XSP
> > itself is recompiled due to another trigger,
> > such as being updated.
> They are not re-read when the xsp is modified (don't
> know if this is a bug or intended functionality) but
> this raises two important points I've learned:
> - If you change the logicsheet, cycle the servlet
> container, and reload your page, the changes are not
> visible because the xsp is unmodified.  My current
> hack until I have time to look into how to do all
> this
> right is to "touch" the xsp (actually I make a
> trivial
> modification in the file and resave it)
> - You may be able to force reload of the logicsheet
> and recompile of the xsp without all of the
> histrionics reported above by using the
> <xsp:dependency> tag to manually report that your
> xsp
> relies on your logicsheet.
> I really hope I've missed some magic bullet that
> makes
> all this function as it seems it should.  I have a
> hard time believing that any logicsheet development
> happens the way I've been doing it (at least for
> long).
> HTH,
> Geoff Howard

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