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From "Richard Reyes" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon Portal - User Roles
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:52:51 GMT

Hi Matthew / Guys,

Just want to confirm some things....

Since the the "new role" function in the portal sample is mapped to <new-role uri="cocoon:raw:/sunrise-newrole"/>
uri, it is using this sitemap snippet right?

        <map:match pattern="sunrise*">
            <map:generate src="resources/sunrise{1}.xml"/>
            <map:transform type="session"/>
            <map:transform type="cinclude"/>
            <map:transform type="write-source"/>
            <map:transform src="styles/portal.xsl"/>
            <map:serialize type="xml"/>

and the documentations says that 

The new-role resource creates a new role in the system. It gets the parameters "type" with
the value "role" and "role" with the new rolename.  

Where is the "type" and "role" parameter?
and why does it have to serialized in an xml type in the end?

Also, for the sunrise-newrole resource, the only thing this pipeline does is save a new role
in the xml file ( sunrise-roles.xml )? whose responsible for displaying the next page after
saving the new role?

And since this sitemap snippet is called inside a map:pipeline internal only clause I think
it is being called by the portal generator or action. 

If in case I'd used custom actions over this pipeline, How would I know the parameters that

have been passed and are being expected by the caller of this pipeline?

Thanks a lot
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  From: Richard Reyes 
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  Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 7:18 PM
  Subject: Re: Cocoon Portal - User Roles

  Hi Matthew,

  Thanks for the reminder!


  each function of the portal is mapped to a pipeline. So in order to change the storage -
all you have to do is to modify the pipeline to use say the SQLGenerator etc.

  Read the documentation.

  It explains this in detail (see under User Administration). Then look at the pipelines that
are currently used to get a feel for how it works at the moment.


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    From: Richard Reyes []
    Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 10:06 AM
    Subject: Re: Cocoon Portal - User Roles

    Hi again guys,

    I have checked the source codes of the portal sample...

    I found out that if I am to add new user or to add new roles, both task
    will end up submitting forms with different parameters to this resource


    which inturn would exactly match this sitemap snippet in the process...

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