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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Have I got any other option than to
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 14:23:22 GMT

On Tuesday, Nov 19, 2002, at 08:15 Europe/London, wrote:

> Jeremy,
> Thanks for this, what you suggest is what I need, but it does mean 
> that I
> have to produce a summary element for all of my documents (could be
> tricky as they come out of a content management system - but that is a
> different story!).
> If I 'patch' LuceneIndexContentHandler myself, do I just alter the 
> source
> code as you suggest, recompile and overwrite the existing class/
> repackage into a new jar (I don't know how to do the latter 
> unfortunately
> but I presume I can find out)?

yes, modify the file and recompile
read the docs about how to compile Cocoon

> The next part about having a special xslt presumably goes something 
> like
> this...
> <map:views>
>  <map:view name="content" from-label="content">
>  <map:transform src="stylesheets/search-index.xsl"/>
>  <map:serialize type="xml"/>
> </map:view>

right again

> with a generator of
> <map:generator label="content" name="file"
> src="org.apache.cocoon.generation.FileGenerator"/>

if you are using files, yes, it will work with any Generator
all Generators are preset with the 'content' view.

I needed to get my content from a different part of my pipeline, 
because I use CInclude aggregation, I set up a new view for this called 

my pipeline looks like this:

	<map:generate src="content/{res}.xml"/>
	<map:transform src="parts/xsl/components.xsl">
		<map:parameter name="res" value="{res}"/>
		<map:parameter name="id" value="{id}"/>
	<map:transform type="cinclude" label="include"/> <!-- new view -->
	<map:transform src="parts/xsl/get-chapter-links.xsl"/>
	<map:transform src="parts/xsl/make-chapter-links.xsl"/>
	<map:transform src="parts/xsl/doc2html.xsl">
		<map:parameter name="res" value="{res}"/>
		<map:parameter name="prefix" value="{prefix}"/>
		<map:parameter name="display" value="{display}"/>
and my view looks like this:

   <map:view from-label="include" name="content">
    <map:transform src="parts/xsl/search-filter.xsl"/>
    <map:serialize type="xml"/>

you can see how I have mapped the 'include' view to the 'content' view.
one day the view used by the indexer will be configurable (ATM is is 
fixed as 'content'), so you can choose whatever view you like, directly

> Am I on the right lines with this????

looks like it

regards Jeremy

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