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Subject Re: Another XSP - and no mention of Cocoon
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2002 19:59:17 GMT
Forgetting the fact that this appears to be an obvious ripoff of cocoon...

what legal recourse does apache (host of the cocoon project and implementor of the apache
license) have over these guys.  I mean is cocoon copyrighted and/or any of the proprietary
concepts, e.g. XSP, etc.

In looking at the cocoon site I see two things, e.g.
1.) copyright info at the bottom but I'm presuming this is actually copyrighting the apache
2.) the apache license info.

But no where do I see cocoon, XSP or any other specific technology saying it's copyrighted.

So what if these guys did a white room implementation of XSP and came up with a bright idea
and said ... let's call it "XSP".  There doesn't appear to be much to stop them from doing
this.  Unless you sue them to look at their code and see if it came from apache and then they're
in violation of the apache license.

My issue here is that there's nothing protecting apache about the project names, technology
within those technologies, etc.

Arguably there's not much to copyright as it's donated from some big company (IBM, Sun, etc.)
but things like XSP are really an apache/cocoon concept and therefore could be copyrighted
so groups like the "triloggroup" don't pull bs like this.

So it may be too late but then again I'm not a lawyer (just related to a ton of them.)

I'd look into copyrighting some of these concepts in addition to the license.  This seems
to be the one big whole IMO of opensource projects.  The license protects the usage of the
code but the copyright protects the usage of the concept/branding/etc.  And right now there
doesn't appear to be any protection of the concept/branding.

just my 2 cents, MD

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