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From <>
Subject How to develop a web application with Cocoon
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 15:29:24 GMT

I want to implement a web application and I have chosen Cocoon because I think it is a very
good solution (separate content from logic, etc...) for building web stuffs.

But I'm asking me a question: can I do all I want in my web application with Cocoon????
And what is the best method for each type of function (Cocoon provides so much mechanisms!)???

So I have extracted 4 types of functions from my future web application (some are very common
is web applications):

1) Add data: form to enter data => insert data in database

2) Search data: form to enter the query => select data in database => display result

3) Edit data: choose the data to edit (from a result or a form) => select data in database
=> display the result => maybe modify the data => update data in database

4) Generate file: choose the file to generate (from a result or a form) => select data
in database => generate the file

I think XMLForm extended to write data entered in a persistence storage could be a good solution
for the point 1) (I'm testing this solution now). But what for the others??
What is the best solution for each one?

I know that Cocoon is first a PUBLICATION framework. Is it really a good solution for this
kind of application? Is actions THE solution?

What do you think?

Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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