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From Andrew Watt <>
Subject Separation of concerns?
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:47:23 GMT
I have a (multi-part) question about the suggested "separation of concerns" 
that it is proposed that Cocoon achieves.

I would like to ask how Cocoon is being used in a production environment, 
specifically how does separation of roles work out. Does it actually work 
in practice? How easy is it in production settings to find "graphics 
designers" who are also fluent in XSLT?

Aren't such bi-skilled people essential to achieve the implementation of 
the "style" concern? Or, in practice, are "real" designers and "real" XSLT 
coders working together on the XSLT stylesheets?

I guess that the suspicion that is lurking at the back of my mind is that 
the "confusion of concerns" (to coin a phrase) is, to some extent, being 
shuffled off into the "style" box. Of course, that may be a signficant 
improvement over other workflows.

I can see pretty clearly the cleanness of the current approach for 
programmers/administrators ... designers don't touch the content nor the 
sitemaps ... but I do have slight doubts about the cleanness of the style 
concern. Or maybe my doubt is about the realisticness of finding graphics 
designers comfortable to code in XSLT.

I notice, too, that style is little mentioned in the online documentation 
and doesn't appear as a term in the index of the Langham/Ziegeler book. 
That makes me wonder if others either have doubts too about the style 
concern or, perhaps, haven't looked (yet?) in a detailed way at how this 
will work.

I wonder if what has mostly been happening up to now is XSLT-coders 
dabbling with design? :)

I would be interested in any stories about the reactions of "pure" graphics 
designers in a production setting when first faced with the Cocoon approach 
and how they and, I suspect, XSLT-programmer colleagues actually worked out 
a practical workflow.

Andrew Watt

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