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From "Dr. Robert Spiske" <>
Subject Problems with transformers XSL -> xinclude
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:48:55 GMT

(Using: Cocoon 2.0/Tomcat 3.3.1/Linux)

To ease my users writing XML I introduced a Tag:
<include href="file" id="someid" />

Now I try to get three transformers working in a row.
The first XSLT changes the above include to:

<xi:include href="file" /> (Droped the xpointer stuff because it's not the 

After that I call <map:tranform type="xinclude" /> and it does not work.
The third transformer is again an XSLT that should make nice HTML.

If I don't call the xinclude transformer everything works.
If I write the <xi:include .../> line in the file and call the xinclude 
transformer first,
everything works.
But if I call the xinclude after the first xslt it does not work.

Does anyone have an idea ?


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