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From Tony Collen>
Subject [Summary] WebServiceProxyGenerator & wsproxy-method parameter
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 21:24:44 GMT
Hi list(s),

After almost a week of pounding my head on the cement, I've figured out 
what's been going on with the WSPG.  Consider the following pipeline:

    <map:match pattern="search/doSearch">
        <map:generate type="debugwsproxy" 
            <map:parameter name="wsproxy-method" value="POST"/>
        <map:serialize type="xml"/>

Alright, simple enough, correct?  The only "odd" thing about this is 
that is uses the wsproxy-method parameter, which I used according to 

For some reason however, even though I told the WSPG to POST to the 
servlet, it refused.  Here's the (very verbose) output from my debug 
servlet I wrote:

1 [PostServlet] doGet() called
2 [PostServlet] Passing request and response to doPost()
3 [PostServlet] doPost() called
4 [PostServlet] Getting parameter "Mode" from request.
5 [PostServlet] Mode is null!
6 [PostServlet] Sending some XML anyway.
7 [PostServlet] Done sending XML. Exiting.

The following output leads me to the following two conclusions:

1)  Even though I'm telling the WSPG to use POST on the remote service, 
it's not (Line 1).
    1a) I can't see anywhere in the WSPG code where it's getting the 
wsproxy-method configuration parameter :)

2) When the WSPG copies over the request parameters, somehow the POST 
parameters are either not being copied over, or they're being stomped on 
somehow.  Basically, the WSPG is not proxying the POST parameters 
correctly (Lines 4 and 5).

For now, I'll file a bug.  Ivelin, perhaps we can work together to get 
this functioning correctly... mostly because I need it to work correctly 
to get my job done :)  If anything I'll submit a patch to add some more 
useful debug logging to the WSPG.


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