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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Serializer for d-o-e?
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2002 22:24:51 GMT
J.Pietschmann wrote:

 > Lenz, Evan wrote:
 >> I understand why Cocoon disables the use of disable-output-escaping
 >> in XSLT.
 >> However, in my current project, which involves parsing XML results from
 >> Google containing escaped (and non-well-formed) HTML, I need to find
 >> a way
 >> to disable output escaping for certain sections of text, perhaps
 >> based on
 >> the presence of a special attribute or PI that I can generate when
 >> necessary. Does Cocoon provide a way of parameterizing an existing
 >> serializer to do this? Has anyone implemented such a serializer? I would
 >> think that such a customization of an existing XML serializer should be
 >> pretty simple, but the Cocoon serialization framework is so abstract
 >> that
 >> I'm having trouble finding the right code to extend or modify.
 > The answer is quite simple: you can't. D-o-e only works if the
 > XSLT processor serializes the result itself, the information
 > which text nodes are supposed to be d-o-e'd on output is not
 > transported through the SAX pipelines Cocoon uses for plumbing
 > it's components.

JAXP provides two special PIs to handle the case when serialization
isn't performed by the XSLT engine :
- <?javax.xml.transform.disable-output-escaping?> to start d-o-e and
- <?javax.xml.transform.enable-output-escaping?> to stop it.

See also*checkout*/xml-commons/java/external/src/javax/xml/transform/

Hope this helps, but use it wisely !

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