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From Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject HOWTO integrate a servlet into cocoon (wiki-howto incorrect?)
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2002 12:29:15 GMT

I tried to add another servlet to the cocoon webapp.
i found a HOWTO in the cocoon-wiki, but it doesn't
work (for me) as expected. I'm shure, the solution
to this is trivial, but i don't see it.

what i want to achieve:

I want to call a servlet and it's output shall be
placed into a pipeline for further processing with cocoon.
I need the servlet in the cocoon context because i want
to keep things simple (maybe a wrong assumption :-))
and i need the session context also within my servlet.

Here is what i did so far:

1.) add the new servlet spec to cocoon/WEB-INF/web.xml:



   What i want here is:
   every request, that ends with "...internal/app"
   shall be mapped to the servlet "Zoro"

   How can i test, that the servlet is really called and
   executed without interfering with the cocoon sitemap?

2.) add a sitemap entry:

   <map:match pattern="**/app">
     <map:generate src="/metasearch/internal/app"/>

   what i want here is:
   The servlet is called and it's result is streamed into the pipeline
   and  processed further ...

   Unfortunately the system does NOT attempt to call the servlet,
   but tries to load a file. i get following exception:

   Exception during processing of file:/metasearch/internal/app

   I also tried using

   <map:generate src="context::/metasearch/internal/app"/>

   although i don't uinderstand, what i'm doing there. In fact it also
   didn't work ;-(

An now i'm stuck again. OK, people, i promise you, if i get my
app finally working, i will write down all bits and peaces and
donate this to the cocoon documentation , the wiki and whatever
is reasonable.

Any comment would help again...

regards, Hussayn

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