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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject OXF (was Re: cocoon and related projects based on cocoon ...)
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 08:05:31 GMT
Matthew Langham wrote:
> 2.)
>     i found this pointer today in the struts discussion trail. I did not
>     really investigate on this although it sounds quite interesting
>     but again i thought this belongs strongly to cocoon, if it is
> feasible...
> <<
> Again something completely different. A solution built on Cocoon - but it is
> NOT Cocoon. In the same way we develop commercial products on top of
> Cocoon - but they are not part of the Cocoon project. Anything that is
> donated to the Cocoon project (such as our authentication components)
> increases the code base and that does (or may) become part of the project.

It surely looks based on Cocoon as far as some architectural concepts 
are concerned. It does not look based on the Cocoon source code though. 
Or, at least, they don't say it is ;-).

"How does OXF compare with Apache Cocoon?
  OXF's XML processors, XML pipelines and XPL were born recently from the
  need in the industry for solid and flexible XML processing
  technologies. On the other hand, Cocoon was initially designed as a Web
  publishing framework and has been around for a much longer time.

  As a result, some features provided by Cocoon are still unmatched in
  OXF, which however provides a more advanced technological foundation
  and can be used in a wider range of XML-based applications including
  Web publishing, interactive Web applications, command line
  applications, Web services, etc."

Yeah, nice marketing speak ;-).

Ugo Cei -

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