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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject FOP - Adding Font and compile the fop.jar for cocoon?
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 14:37:48 GMT
Hello group,

I have compiled a fop.jar where Arial is supported (I am not sure whether it is compiled right).
Now I replace the PATHTo\webapps\cocoon\WEB-INF\lib\fop-0.20.3.jar with the new fop.jar. I
have name it fop-0.20.3.jar again. But now I am getting this error:
The org.apache.cocoon.components.treeprocessor.sitemap.PipelineNode notifies that org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException

Type 'fo2pdf' is not defined for 'serialize' at file:/C:/bin/cms/build/jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4/webapps/cocoon/weidmueller/live-sitemap.xmap:54:35

More precisely:

org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException: Type 'fo2pdf' is not defined
for 'serialize' at file:/C:/bin/cms/build/jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4/webapps/wyona-cms/wyona/cms/pubs/weidmueller/live-sitemap.xmap:54:35

But in the above mentioned sitemap there is <map:serializer name="fo2pdf" src="org.apache.cocoon.serialization.FOPSerializer"
logger="sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf" mime-type="application/pdf"/>. Which is working fine
withe original fop.jar of cocoon. 

What am I doing wrong?

I found this page:

I did (there is a error if you use the original [...C:\myfonts\arial.ttf C:\myfonts\arial.ttf
java -cp build\fop.jar;lib\xercesImpl-2.0.1.jar;lib\xml-apis.jar;lib\xalan-2.3.1.jar;lib\batik.jar
org.apache.fop.fonts.apps.TTFReader C:\myfonts\arial.ttf C:\myfonts\arial.xml 

Now I have:
TTF Reader v1.1.1

Reading C:\myfonts\arial.ttf...

Number of glyphs in font: 1296
Creating xml font file...

Creating CID encoded metrics
Writing xml font file C:\myfonts\arial.xml...

This font contains no embedding license restrictions

Then I did:
Register the fonts within FOP
Edit conf/userconfig.xml and add entries for the font if the fonts section, ie:
 <font metrics-file="arial.xml" kerning="yes" embed-file="arial.ttf">
    <font-triplet name="Arial" style="normal" weight="normal"/>
    <font-triplet name="ArialMT" style="normal" weight="normal"/>

BUT I am using FOP as servlet (Tomcat and cocoon). I now have to compile a fop.jar with my
userconfig.xml, or not?
Then I have to replace the old fop.jar @tomcat\webapps\cocoon\WEB-INF\lib. And then I have
Arial within fo, or not

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> Thorsten Scherler
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> Weidmüller GmbH & Co.
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