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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject [Authentication] - Generate javascript using XSP
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2002 08:32:44 GMT
Hi Cococoners!

I am currently an application that is currently running on a test mode
with a small amount of users (20) in a Intranet environment. With the
following characteristics:

The application is running behind a proxy.
The app use the authentication framework.
The app have a page called welcome that show the current user.

I am currently having problem with session management:

The users told me that sometimes when they are already authenticated and
request the welcome page, the response present another user.

The page is called with http://internalserver:8080/theapp/welcome

I think that this can be done because the proxy is returning a cached page
from another user. Because the request has the same URI from every user
(as long as I can see). The request URI does not have info about sessions.
But I read in the book from Carsten and Mathhew on page 303 (second
paragraph from the end):

"The default is usually to use cookies, because the developer of the web
application does not need to do anything special to use them. ..."

Please Dont let me wrong. I now that the problem is caused by me. :-D

The menu of the application is a static Javascript file served with a
reader. This file hs no info about sessions. Now I realized that in order
to "set" a session into the request I need to include a parameter with the
SessionID for every request. I does not include it before because the
quote above.

With this scenario my questions is:

How I can ensure that every request URI from the user will have the
SessionID included or use the default cookies?

For me this is not a trivial question, because:

I thinked first: "OK, I will generate the menu.js on ther fly using XSP."

But after think a while I realized that this issue will fall again in the
same category as the http://internalserver:8080/theapp/welcome explained
above. :-(

Please tell me what can I do?

I am currently thinking in calling the menu.js with the sessionID too.

This will work or there is another easier way to do that?

Many thanks in advance,

Antonio Gallardo.

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