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From "Lenz, Evan" <>
Subject Serializer for d-o-e?
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2002 08:37:10 GMT
I understand why Cocoon disables the use of disable-output-escaping in XSLT.
However, in my current project, which involves parsing XML results from
Google containing escaped (and non-well-formed) HTML, I need to find a way
to disable output escaping for certain sections of text, perhaps based on
the presence of a special attribute or PI that I can generate when
necessary. Does Cocoon provide a way of parameterizing an existing
serializer to do this? Has anyone implemented such a serializer? I would
think that such a customization of an existing XML serializer should be
pretty simple, but the Cocoon serialization framework is so abstract that
I'm having trouble finding the right code to extend or modify.

Any related information or help would be appreciated.


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