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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Parsing XML from SQL
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 10:44:08 GMT
Dear All

We are using the SQLTransformer for a project.

Our SQL Database contains a Table called Resource, which keeps 
information about the resources in our archive. Most of these resources 
are binary, ie. .gif, .jpg, .swf, .mov etc. So we merely 'embed' the 
resource reference in the page produced by a Resource record, to show 
it on the page.

We now find we have a few 'text' resources, that require a bit of 
markup in them, mainly just paragraphs.

We either need to XInclude the resource into the pipeline from an XML 
file referred to in the SQL, or keep the actual resource in the SQL and 
parse it as it comes out.

I know that it is possible to parse SQL fields via the ESQL TagLib, but 
we prefer the Transformer approach.

Does anyone know if it is possible to Parse fields extracted from SQL 
via the SQLTransformer?

Thanks for any suggestions.

regards Jeremy

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