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Subject oh no not another php question!
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 14:20:42 GMT

ah, but this one is really simple. I don't believe I need to do anything   
with PHPGenerator but I hope to be advised what I need to do...

Our intranet is a mixture of xml based content and php files. The xml and   
php have nothing to do with each other i.e. the xml doesn't get produced   
by the php - they are separate. The xml gets generated by a CMS, the php   
does other things.

We are moving to more and more content in xml, but have many of our files   
in php. How do I integrate cocoon with my intranet so as to pass through   
the php untouched, but to 'pipeline' the xml?

The snippet of sitemap below sort of works but when selecting a php link,   
the browser asks me to download or save the file as if the mime type is   
unrecognised. Bit frustrating really. I have tried adding type="php" and   
mime-type="text/php" neither work though.

 <map:match pattern="policy/index.html">
src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/policy/topindex.xml" />
src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/policy/indexpolicystyle.xsl" />
     <map:serialize type="html" />

 <map:match pattern="policy/*/index.html">
src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/policy/{1}/index.xml" />
src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/policy/indexpolicystyle.xsl" />
     <map:serialize type="html" />

 <map:match pattern="policy/**.html">
     <map:generate src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/policy/{1}.xml" />
src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/policy/policystyle.xsl" />
     <map:serialize type="html" />

 <map:match pattern="policy/**.xml">
     <map:generate src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/policy/{1}.xml" />
     <map:serialize type="xml" />

 <map:match pattern="policy/**.htm">
     <map:read src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/policy/{1}.htm" />
 <map:match pattern="**.php">
  <map:read src="file:///intranet/www/doc/sites/{1}.php" />

the cocoon app is called sites and my main html document dir is called   

any suggestions????


Conrad Crampton J
Software Solutions
Kent Police
11 Edinburgh Square
Sutton Road
ME15 9BZ

(01622 652869
19 2869

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