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From Matthias Brunner>
Subject Trailing slashes in request
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 12:26:04 GMT

someone must have encountered this problem as well but I did not find 
anything useful (at least for me) in the archives.

Sub-sitemap fragment:
<map:match pattern="admin">
	<map:redirect-to uri="admin/index"/>
<map:match pattern="admin/">
	<map:redirect-to uri="admin/index"/>
<map:match pattern="admin/index">
	<map:generate src="admin/index.xml"/>
	<map:transform src="res/xsl/menu2html.xsl"/>

So when someone hits "http://mysite/cocoon/sub/admin" he is 
redirected to the index page as expected.
But how do I get "http://mysite/cocoon/sub/admin/" to work as well? 
At the moment cocoon returns a 404 error.

And is there a way to define this redirect for all requests which did 
not match elsewhere?
Something like <map:match pattern=".*|.*/" type="regexp"> at the end 
of the pipeline?
Matthias Brunner <>
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