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From Alex Romayev <>
Subject Authenication FW: Single sign-on to multiple handlers
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 10:16:19 GMT

I'm figuring out my way through the authentication and
portal frameworks and ran into a problem of logging
into multiple handlers.  It seems that there is no
single sign-on to all handlers facility provided by
the framework.  Here is a scenario.

I have three roles of users in the application: guest,
user, and admin.  The guests are only allowed to view
guest pages only, the users are allowed to view guest
and user pages and administrators are can view all the

If I understand the framework design correctly, I need
three handlers:

1. Guest pages handler -- generally I wouldn't need
it, as the pages could be unprotected, but the portal
framework requires it if I want to be able to change
the content and the layout of the homepage based on
2. User pages handler.
3. Admin pages handler.

Now, let's say the administrator comes into the guest
pages.  He now needs to log into the "Guest pages
handler".  After some browsing around, the
administrator now wants to make some changes and
clicks on a link to the admin pages.  This would now
require logging into the "Admin pages handler".  This
is where I'm stuck.  Clearly we wouldn't want the
administrator to have to log in twice.

Has anyone encountered this situation?  Is there a
facility for doing that provided by the framework?


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