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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: XSP Logicsheet Questions...
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2002 16:19:22 GMT
I've been hoping someone would answer your questions
with authority - I've just started using logicsheets
as well.  My best answers follow:

--- Andy Lewis <> wrote:

> First, it appears that a logicsheet must declared to
> be used and that the only place to declare a
> logic sheet is in the xconf file. Is this correct?

Yes, although there is an undocumented "feature"
available because of the TreeProcessor implementation
which allows components defined in the map:components
section of the sitemap the same as cocoon.xconf.  What
I don't know and haven't had the time to test is what
happens with a case like logicsheets when there are
some defined in cocoon.xconf and some defined in
sitemap?  Give it a try and let us know.

> Second, is the xconf file only reload at Cocoon
> restart time, or are there other events that
> trigger a reload as well?

I think reload of the conf can also be triggered by
sending an http request with the parameter
cocoon-reload=true if you have not turned this option
off in web.xml (or is it cocoon.xconf?)  While I have
used this, I cannot recall if I carefully confirmed
that the xconf file is actually re-read from disk
correctly if modified.

> Third, are changes to a logicsheet picked up and
> used in a running Cocoon environment, or are they
> only caught when the configuration is read? 

In my experience, changes to a logicsheet are not
picked up by a running cocoon, and I'm not even sure
they are re-read with cocoon-reload.  I have been
cycling tomcat to get changes visible.

> If
> changes are picked up, are they a dependancy of the
> pipeline, or are they only picked up when the XSP
> itself is recompiled due to another trigger,
> such as being updated.

They are not re-read when the xsp is modified (don't
know if this is a bug or intended functionality) but
this raises two important points I've learned:

- If you change the logicsheet, cycle the servlet
container, and reload your page, the changes are not
visible because the xsp is unmodified.  My current
hack until I have time to look into how to do all this
right is to "touch" the xsp (actually I make a trivial
modification in the file and resave it)
- You may be able to force reload of the logicsheet
and recompile of the xsp without all of the
histrionics reported above by using the
<xsp:dependency> tag to manually report that your xsp
relies on your logicsheet.

I really hope I've missed some magic bullet that makes
all this function as it seems it should.  I have a
hard time believing that any logicsheet development
happens the way I've been doing it (at least for

Geoff Howard

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