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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Using matchers, especially sessionstate...
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2002 10:17:15 GMT
On 07.Nov.2002 -- 09:44 AM, Christian Joelly wrote:
> Hello!
> thanks for your answer. I'd prefer to use the version 2.0.1 for this
> application, because maybe there are some other problems rising when i
> switch the cocoon version during development... ;-)

Fair enough. OTOH many issues have been resolved. There should be no
change in the user visible interface apart from stuff in scratchpad.

> i have attached the error message, the sitemap and the compiled sitemap.
> i have also to tell that im not a very indepth cocoon developer so the
> error messages are looking very strange to me :o)

Unfortunately, I can't make any out of it either. Sitemap looks OK, so
does the generated .java file. The error messages are not really
helpful :-( 

> btw: if i want to use newer matchers where are the directories in which
> i find the nessesary files to change? is the stuff in
> org/apache/cocoon/matching the right place to change the class files?

Right. But since the error appears when compiling the sitemap.xmap
file, the problem may well be somewhere else.

I'm afraid I can't help, sorry.

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