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From Sonny Sukumar <>
Subject Sessions stomping on xsp:init-page!!
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2002 00:24:12 GMT

Hi guys,

I found that if I put the xmlns:xsp-session="" namespace
in any XSP document, then xsp-init-page tag isn't processed.  Thus, all the variables I declare/initialize
in xsp-init-page (which should go at the start of generate()) are nonexistent, which obviously
causes compilation problems.  

The only thing that gets put at the start of the generate method is: 
Session session = request.getSession(true);.

Anybody know how to keep this from happening??

Btw, I'm using:
Cocoon 2.0.3
Tomcat 4.1.12
Redhat 7.3



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