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From "Anna Afonchenko" <>
Subject Javascript problems in XSP
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:43:17 GMT
Hi All.
This is my first post, so don't be angry with me if I do something wrong.
I am using XSP on Cocoon 2.0.3, and I want to do the following:
given a name of the html file that contains javascript, I want to get the result of this javascript
put it inside some element in XSP. But when I write the following code in XSP using javascript:
        var js ="given-file.html");
        var result = js.document.body.innerHTML;

nothing happens (even doesn't give any error).
If I am using this code inside an html file's script tag, it works fine.
If I am trying some simple Javascript functions in XSP (e.g. Date()), it works.
Maybe there is some problem with opening files in XSP?

Can somebody please tell me what am I doing wrong and how can I get the result of javascript
code executed in some given file?

Thank you very much in advance.


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