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From "Ray Martin" <>
Subject mark one up for cocoon
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 20:40:19 GMT
Ladies and gentlemen, dear users of cocoon,

I am an idiot.

When i do things correctly, Cocoon works just marvelous.

If I cannot type, of course, Cocoon seems to have problems with my failure
to type.

Let me tell you where i failed to save anyone else from stumbling in the
same pit - of course, you all aren't as dumb as i am.

Doing Form Validation using a document such as
s.html.  There is a table in that document that lists the available tags for
form validation.  The tags are is-ok, is-error, is-null, is-toosmall,
is-toolarge, is-nomatch, and is-notpresent.

I use an example for the tutorial directory.  The example file shows how to
use on-toosmall and on-toolarge.  Now, I decide to extend and try the other
tags.  I put is-null and is-error in place of the on-toosmall and
on-toolarge - HOW IT IS POSSIBLE to make such a mistake, i have no idea -
but, I did it.  I ran into all kinds of errors and problems.  I got
frustrated.  I begged for help.  Many good cocoon users responded - thanx to
each of you.

As i was working through the tags once again trying different methods, I
noticed that I was using "IS" where I should have been using "ON" -
"ON-NULL" not "IS-NULL".

I am duly embarassed.  Thank you for your patience and help.


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