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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Fatal error - how to test database connection?
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:52:01 GMT
Yes, I did (same driver for all the projects).  I did a
shutdown/restart and now it seems OK??

>>> 29/10/2002 04:35:08 >>>
Derek -

Did you declare the MySQL jar in web.xml thusly?


And put the jar where Cocoon will find it?



Derek Hohls wrote:
> I get the following fatal error when trying to load a sub-sitemap:
> FATAL_E (2002-10-29) 16:32.18:484   [cocoon  ] (Unknown-URI) 
> Unknown-thread/JdbcConnectionPool:
> Excalibur could not create any connections.  Examine your settings to

> make sure they are correct. 
> Make sure you can connect with the same settings on your machine.
> As far as I can tell I have set up the MySQL database permissions and

> cocoon.xconf  file properly (i.e. in the same way as my other
>     <jdbc name="sbwq">
>       <pool-controller min="5" max="50"/>
>       <auto-commit>true</auto-commit>
>       <dburl>jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/sbwq</dburl>
>       <user>username</user>
>       <password>password</password>
>     </jdbc>
> Does any one have a simple test file that I can use to "connect with
> same settings" outside of Cocoon so I can try and pin down the source
> the error?
> Thanks
> Derek

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