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From Colin Paul Adams <>
Subject Re: Need to specify target.vm
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2002 16:52:26 GMT
>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Ellis Parrott <> writes:

    Robert> I built on 10/12/2002 OK, so perhaps just environment?

    >> check-jars: Copying 1 file to
    >> /home/colin/xml-cocoon2/build/cocoon Processing
    >> /home/colin/xml-cocoon2/lib/jars.xml to
    >> /home/colin/xml-cocoon2/build/cocoon/jars.xml Loading
    >> stylesheet /home/colin/xml-cocoon2/tools/src/check-jars.xsl
    >> home/colin/xml-cocoon2/tools/src/check-jars.xsl:102:40:
    >> Warning!  File ant_1_3-optional.jar appears in the lib/
    >> directory, but is not declared in lib/jars.xml.
    >> Please update the lib/jars.xml file to include the
    >> ant_1_3-optional.jar file together with a description.  : Fatal
    >> Error! Stylesheet directed termination : Fatal Error! Fatal
    >> error during transformation Cause: Fatal error during
    >> transformation Failed to process
    >> /home/colin/xml-cocoon2/lib/jars.xml
    >> BUILD FAILED file:/home/colin/xml-cocoon2/build.xml:2113: Fatal
    >> error during transformation
    >> Inspection shows that jars.xml is dated Sept 20, and the ant
    >> jars to way back in July. So I don't understand why this error
    >> hasn't been detected before.

How? check-jars.xml says the following:


     Simple stylesheet to verify that files defined in lib/jars.xml
     actually appear in the lib/ directory, and vice-versa, that files
     that appear in the lib/ directory have an entry with a
     description in the lib/jars.xml file.

     Author: Ovidiu Predescu ""
     Date: May 22, 2002


and that clearly isn't the case with the sources in CVS. So the build
has to fail. No?

Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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