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From "Roger Ting" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon FAILS in transforming XML
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 03:48:16 GMT
I am using the latest binary distribution which is the 2.0.3.

I just change the Xalan and Xerces to the latest version. This
doesn't help.

This only happens when i am using xsp with xslt to do transformation.
The xsp are using esql logicsheet. This doesn't happen when i am
using file generator to read xml and transform to SVG using XSLT.

Any idea?


>From: Joerg Heinicke <>
>Subject: Re: Cocoon FAILS in transforming XML
>Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 22:10:26 +0200
>Hi Roger,
>normally everything works okay in Cocoon. We use XSLT heavily in different 
>applications (both HTML and SVG as output). Maybe your version of Cocoon or 
>Xerces/Xalan version have some bugs. What versions are you used?
>Roger Ting wrote:
>>Hi all..Have anyone experience this problem before?
>>Cocoon failing to transform the XML to HTML or SVG using XSLT.
>>When i use Xalan alone to do the transformation, it works perfectly
>>fine. But i do a transformation through cocoon. It lost most of
>>the output. Another user said that he broke the XSLT stylesheet into
>>smaller module, the whole things work again.
>>Is it a known bug in cocoon??? Any way out of this ??
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