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From "Hugo Burm" <>
Subject Problem with modular database actions from CVS
Date Sun, 06 Oct 2002 11:52:26 GMT

I am using the modular database actions and doing a simple select action on
a table.
With the CVS version of about a week ago, this worked ok, and the results
were stored in the request attributes by the default output module.
With the CVS from Oct 5, I get a warn message : "Could not select output
mode attribute:null" and the values that are fetched from the database are
not stored in the request atttributes. From the log files I can see that the
key is set correctly and the results are fetched correctly from the
database. Storing them in the request attributes seems to be the problem. Is
this broken or do I now have to specify an output module myself?


Hugo Burm

Thread-9/AbstractComplementaryConfigurableAction: (Re)Loading
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: modeTypes : {2=attribute, 1=others, 0=autoincr}
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: i=0
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: requested mode was "others" returning "others"
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: i=1
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: i=2
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: i=3
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: query: SELECT idc, display, descr FROM t_consult
WHERE userid= ?
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: Trying to set column t_consult.userid from j-auth
using getAttribute method
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: Setting column t_consult.userid [0] hugob
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: ====> row no. 0
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: Setting column t_consult.userid[0] to hugob
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: Could not select output mode attribute:null
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: Setting column t_consult.idc[0] to 7
Thread-9/DatabaseAction: Could not select output mode attribute:null

  <table name="t_consult" alias="t_consult">
      <key name="userid" type="string" autoincrement="false">
      	<mode name="j-auth" parameter="ID" type="others"/>
      <value name="idc" type="int"></value>
      <value name="display" type="string"></value>
      <value name="descr" type="string"></value>

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