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From leo leonid <>
Subject Re: SearchGenerator improvements
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 13:11:09 GMT

On Donnerstag, Oktober 17, 2002, at 02:47  Uhr, leo leonid wrote:

> Hi,
> the changes file from 2.0.4-dev shows this entry:
> # SearchGenerator now includes <field name=""/> elements into <hit/>  
> element.
> These elements contain stored fields of a found Document, making it 
> possible
> to provide additional info about document in the search result list
> (only when index created with some stored fields). (VG)
> hmm...?? does anyone know what this improvement is about?
> Does it give you a way to return i.e. a documents title within the hit 
> element?
>  eventually like this...
> <search:hit rank="2" score="0.18039405" 
> uri="http://localhost/search-generator.html" />
>  	<search:field name="title"/>Search Generator<search:field>
> </search:hit>
> If so, how do I set it. Or is there another way to achieve this?
> thanks,
> /Leo

I only found one passage in the docs 
where the changes have been taken into account: "The DTD of XML 
generated by SearchGenerator"
Now (2.0.4-dev) there is a new the element 'field', but there is no 
parent of 'field'!?

<!ELEMENT results (hits,navigation)?>

<!ATTLIST results
    query-string CDATA #IMPLIED
    start-index CDATA #IMPLIED
    page-length CDATA #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT hits (hit)*>
<!ATTLIST hits
    total-count CDATA #IMPLIED
    count-of-pages CDATA #IMPLIED

    score CDATA #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT field (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST field

<!ELEMENT navigation (navigation-page)*>
<!ATTLIST navigation
    total-count CDATA #IMPLIED
    count-of-pages CDATA #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT navigation-page EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST navigation
    start-index CDATA #IMPLIED

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