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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon and EJB
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 14:50:52 GMT

>> > Would you mind integrating it into the CocoonWiki
>> > ( If no and it's easier for you I can do
>> > for you.
>> >
>> > Reinhard,

>> go ahead and add it if you wish; everything in the document is based on
>> stuff from the Cocoon-user archives, with some modifications.  As I said,
>> it's a bit out of date, anyone who is currently attempting this might be
>> able to bring it up to date as they work through it.  Also, I strongly
>> suspect that the section on working with Oracle isn't 100% accurate, but
>> haven't spent anytime trying to determine if this is true.
> Reinhard


The <pre> tags used for the sample code doesn't wrap (sensibly enough).
Since some of the sample lines are extremely long the result is that the
rest of the content runs off the right hand side of the browser as it flows
to the logical line length.  I guess there are two ways to fix this: 1)
break the sample code in some logical spot, 2) use a CSS rule that causes
the rest of the information to have some sensible right hand boundary
(should be percentage based, but can't be 100% since the left hand menus
take up some room).

This problem seems common across the Cocoon Wiki (at least with IE 6.1) so
solution 2 is probably the best since then all pages using the CSS will
format reasonably without the requirement to manually format every piece of
sample code.

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